MCR Student Film Festival 2019:


The first year of the festival took place on 5th and 6th of JUNE 2019.

Along with viewings of the films, we hosted Q&A’s with professionals from the industry alongside a drinks reception.

Panel members included well renowned directors such as Anna Hall (True Vision Yorkshire), BAFTA award winner Alison Millar (Erica Starling Productions), Exec Producer Fran Baker (Blakeway North), Alex Cooke (CEO of Renegade Pictures), producer Gina Carter (Sprout Pictures) and script editor Luke Davies (Red Productions). We also had Yen Yau as representative of the Grierson Trust programme.



Schedule of each day:


13:00 – 13:25: Reception, tea and coffee


13:25 – 13:30: Welcome/Introduction


13:30-14:30: Screenings


14:30-15:00: Guest speaker + Q&A’s


15:00-15:30: Break for refreshments


15:30-16:45: Final round of screenings


16:45-17:15: Guest speaker + Q&A’s


17:15-17:45: Break for refreshments


17:45-18:15: Rounding up, containing
the special commendations of
the days films from our esteemed panel!

Factual Day

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Screenings and Panel Discussions


Factual Day: 5th June

Fran draws on more than 2 decades’ experience of documentary film-making – from intimate obs docs to presenter led journeys, drama docs to investigative current affairs for the UK’s major terrestrial broadcasters. 
As Exec Producer at Blakeway North since 2015, Fran has built a slate of documentaries and current affairs docs, and is currently looking after singles for Channel 4, BBC Three and a Channel 5 series. 
In the last year, Fran looked after BBC Three docs Stacey Dooley Investigates, Second Chance Sex Offenders, The Voices in My Head, and co-execed Manchester Bomb: Our Story as well as a 6 part series for Channel 5: Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool. Previous Exec credits include Kicked Out: From Care to Chaos (BBC Three) and two Panoramas: Plane Drunk and Revealed – Britain’s Mental Health Crisis. 
An experienced hand with complex editorial policy and legal issues across a range of programming, Fran has won a number of RTS North West awards. 

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Alison is one of the UK and Ireland’s most respected documentary film-makers. She’s a BAFTA, IFTA and Prix Italia winner with a reputation for making emotionally compelling films.
Trained at the National Film and Television School, Alison then worked with Mike Leigh’s producer Simon Channing- Williams at ‘Imagine Films’ in London. She went on to make observational documentaries for BBC1, BBC2 and Channel 4 with many of the UK’s best-known Independent Companies, as well as working in-house for the BBC Documentary Department in White City.
Alison moved back to Belfast and founded Erica Starling Productions Ltd in 2010.

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Baking Bread - Callum Wilkins

The Bike Man - Luis

Custodians of Wildlife - Lauren Wigmore

A Bit of This and That - Jake Gill

The Jam - Carol Lynn

The Journey of Lake Baiyangdian - Will Hayter

I Wait - Adri Adri A

Humans of Britain - Ruby Blake

Henceforth - Charlene Jones

Unleashed Voices - Patrick Gomes

Nazi-Land - Brandon Ashplant

From Riots to Raves - Sam McElhattan

Over There in the Balkans - Sofia Marincic

Infant Hercules - Elizabeth Mckeone

More Than Just Football - Konstantinos Christofi

In Bloom - Jess Mone

Yen is the Outreach Programme Manager for The Grierson Trust, developing and extending the organisation’s profile and support of fresh voices for the documentary genre.
If you’re looking for guidance into the factual world of film, look no further! Yen has significant experience supporting young people who are seeking to work in the screen industries more widely through training programmes, mentoring schemes and delivering CV surgeries. Over her career, she has developed lasting partnerships with a wide range of institutions including BAFTA, British Film Institute, BFI Film Academy and many more. She is also currently working as the Project Manager on the forthcoming James Bond feature film, looking after its new entrant training scheme.

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Fictional Day: 6th June

Alex is the CEO and a founding member of Renegade Pictures. While at Renegade she directed Closing Guantanamo for BBC This World, and Tea Party America for BBC This World. She has also executive produced a range of series, feature documentaries for a range of international broadcasters including Baghdad High, Children of The Tsunami, The Shock Doctrine and Vegas Comes to China.
In 2004 Alex Cooke made her debut feature documentary How Arnold Won The West, a political satire following Arnold Schwarzenegger on the campaign trail to become Governor. Before directing Alex was as an editor and producer for Channel 4 as well as the BBC and from 1997 to 2001 she was the programmer of Sheffield International Documentary Festival.
Outside of the filmmaking world, Alex was a founding member and Managing Director of The Big Issue, a newspaper initiative for the homeless in London.

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Fresh from touring around the world with Idris Elba launching their film YARDIE, we’re really honoured to have Gina with us on the 6th.
Gina runs Sprout Pictures with Stephen Fry and Exec Produced the hit drama series KINGDOM for ITV, the documentary series FRY IN AMERICA, FRY’S PLANET WORD and the multi award-winning STEPHEN FRY: OUT THERE all for the BBC. Other programmes include HUGH LAURIE: DOWN BY THE RIVER for ITV and PBS, FRY IN THE CITY and the feature length comedy drama DOORS OPEN for ITV adapted from the Ian Rankin best-seller. Four seasons of PLAYHOUSE PRESENTS for Sky as well as 3 seasons of MOONE BOY the multi award-winning sitcom created by Chris O’Dowd and Nick Murphy. As of 2019, Gina is currently shooting Season 2 of the hit comedy IN THE LONG RUN for Sky One.

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Footfalls - Di Nguyen

The Pig and the Mouse - Matt Walsh

A Letter to My Father - Magdalena Musialkiewicz

Recovered - Marjorie Thomas

Too Tight - Sam O'leary

British Graffiti - Mark Van Heusden

In Every Breath - Nathanael Wheatcroft-Brown

Near Wild Heaven - Dan Thorburn

Look At The Moon - Elliot Gaynon

Before You Go - Lucile Dommart

Moongate - Poppy Leaver

Hullabaloo - Matthew Whistance

Roommate - Caleb Ching

Tequila Sunrise - Adam Bentley

Charities we support 2019



At 8pm on the evening of April 4th, Manchester Student Film Festival will be hosting a quiz at The Bar, Fallowfield, testing you on everything film related. Entry costs £2, and you can bet There Will Be Blood (and also prizes. Really nice ones. Related more to booze than blood).



This quiz night is in aid of Manchester Student Film Festival, a 2 day festival showcasing short films made by students, and taking place on the 5th and 6th of June. Proceeds from the festival will be given to The Big Change Society, an amazing charity helping to end homelessness in Greater Manchester.

We put over 50% of our profits last year into the homelessness charity Big Change.